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Looking for a fast, easy, affordable way to lose weight at a healthy rate without the dreaded rebound?

You are in the right place!

Check out our 50 day Weight Loss Plan which comes FREE when purchasing Juice Plus Complete

WARNING – You MUST order through our Juice Plus Shop not the general UK Juice Plus website to receive 1 to 1 distributor service from myself and my team….


What is the FREE Juice Plus Weight Loss Plan?


Once you have ordered Juice Plus Complete or any other Juice Plus product from our ‘Buy Juice Plus‘ page we will send you our FREE 50 DAY Detox / Weight Loss Plan via email. 

We must stress, this is not a quick fix weight loss diet. Nor do our customers purely live off the shakes.

We are hear to educate you on how to eat clean, creating healthy habits in a new lifestyle SUPPORTED by Juice Plus supplements.

How does the Juice Plus plan work?


Our Plan is split into two phases;

14 day detox phase and a turbo 36 day weight loss phase.

BOTH phases are equally important for achieving maintainable results beyond our plan.


Phase 1 – The Detox Phase

This phase lasts for 14 days.

We ask you to begin stripping unhealthy foods straight away before your shakes arrive.

Many people ask why do they need to detox before using the shakes…..

Do you want your moneys worth from these products? Are you looking for the best possible weight loss results from consuming Juice Plus Complete?


If you think you can just achieve amazing results from the shakes alone then do think again. It just isn’t going to happen.

However if you are willing to make the necessary changes to your diet, giving yourself the BEST platform to build on before starting on the shakes then the combination WILL bring you your desired results.

Don’t worry – we will give you EVERYTHING you need to know and act upon in our plan. You are going to learn a lot about your bad habits from this phase. It’s strict but its NECESSARY.

Need more info on the detox?


For the official NSA / Juice Plus detox explanation and more Juice Plus related info, please sign up to our team emails below.

*Please check both your inbox & junk/spam folder within a few minutes*

Phase 2 – Turbo Weight Loss Phase

Once you have completed the 14 day detox, your shakes will have been delivered and you can now begin phase 2, the turbo weight loss phase.

To go alongside consuming our shakes, we will offer you all the right recipes & meal ideas for your evening meals + plenty of healthy habits & advice to add to your new routine.

You can also experiment with your shakes as well. Again the more variety you add the better, without clogging up your blender :)


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CLICK HERE for more info on Juice Plus Complete and how it promotes healthy weight loss.

Need to do more research on Juice Plus?


Check out my top 3 product research links:

1) http://www.juiceplusfacts.com

2) Dr Mitra Ray – Juice Plus Frequently Asked Questions 

3) Nutritionist Emma Buckley talks Juice Plus Complete

24/7 Online Support


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You are not alone on this journey.

We will not only provide you with a proven 50 day plan but we will also give you FREE weekly tips, ideas & follow up emails and the chance for you to contact a member of our team 24 hours a day.

In addition – We also have a fantastic private Facebook group, where all our customers interact, share progress and motivate one another on a daily basis!

To be a part of our group you must order a Juice Plus product through this website.


Important Information:


check mark green smallIn order to take part in our Juice Plus Weight Loss Plan you must order Juice Plus Complete or any other products through our online shop.

check mark green smallYour orders are processed directly through the Juice Plus company so we cannot offer out samples or shorter plans.

check mark green small   To Buy Juice Plus from anywhere in the UK, visit our Buy Juice Plus page.

check mark green smallTo clarify, we do eat real food on this diet plan. Juice Plus Complete shakes will replace a couple of meals per day for a short period of time but eventually we just use Juice Plus products to bridge the gap between what nutrients we can and can’t get in our diet each day.

check mark green smallLooking to share your weight loss journey with others? Why not become a distributor for £50 and learn how to earn an income from inspiring others to make a lifestyle change with you?


Buy Juice Plus from the UK

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If you only want a one-off delivery to complete our 50 day plan with no more deliveries beyond your payment plan, order a ‘One Off Box’ through our Shop.

To receive automatic deliveries of Complete when you are ready for more, opt for a normal Juice Plus Complete option.

(Please note – there are 90 servings per delivery - this will not last 4 months. You just have the payment option to pay for the shakes over 4 months.


For stronger results, add Juice Plus Capsules or Chewables to your order.

The more nutrients your body receives on a daily basis the better your results will be!

Juice Plus Premium Capsules have been in production for over 20 years. Beyond drinking our shakes, we always recommend the capsules, not just as an aid to weight loss but more as health insurance for those cheat days.


Buy Juice Plus from the US


Prices/Servings will differ from UK)


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Buy Juice Plus from Australia

*Prices/servings will differ from UK

Buy Juice Plus from Canada

*Prices/servings will differ from UK

Juice Plus is also available in the following countries:


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland

Leave your NAME and LOCATION via the contact box at the bottom for your countries shop link.

All you need to do is show up, be consistent with your efforts and have big goals in mind….our nutrition and your body will take care of the rest!!

Healthy eating as it should be. Simple, affordable and enjoyable!

Good Luck!

Team Lancashire.

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