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You MUST order directly through our Juice Plus Shop to receive the following distributor support:

- Clean Eating Plan (Juice Plus Diet) featuring a 14 Day Detox Phase

- 1 to 1 distributor support (personal mentor)

- FREE access to our private Facebook support community

- Weekly Healthy Habits / Meal Ideas email updates

- Chance to join our distribution team following your positive experiences


So what is the Juice Plus Diet?


The job of the Clean Eating PlanJuice Plus Diet” is to:

- Teach you how to detox your body (what foods to try/avoid)

- Offer you incentives/ways to hold yourself accountable during your time on the plan

- Provide you with many healthy habits to try adding to your new lifestyle

- Show you many ways to use Juice Plus Complete – not just ‘shake’ form…that’s boring!


clean eating plan

It’s much more than ‘shakes’ …. It’s vital nutrition

How does the ‘Juice Plus Diet’ work?


Our Clean Eating Plan is split into two phases;

1. 14 day detox phase (100% Clean Eating)

2. 30 Day Turbo weight loss / cleanse phase ( Juice Plus Complete + Clean Eating)

BOTH phases are equally important for achieving maintainable results.


The Detox Phase – explained




This phase only lasts for 14 days. Many think it’s tough but actually it’s the SAME foods as the second phase.

The only difference is….

We ask you to begin stripping unhealthy habits straight away before any of our products arrive.


Why complete this detox phase?

It’s easy to replace 2 meals with 2 shakes per day once Juice Plus Complete arrives, but what happens when this is no longer an option for you?

No one remains on 2 shakes per day for life.

Clean eating IS a way of life though.

This will also put your body into a natural detox / cleansing state.

If you want your money’s worth from Juice Plus.



Any side effects Detox phase?


For the official NSA / Juice Plus detox explanation + symptoms and more, sign up to our teams mailing list below.

*Please check both your inbox & junk/spam folder within a few minutes*

Clean Eating / Juice Plus Phase


Once you have completed the 14 day detox, your shakes will have been delivered and you can now begin phase 2, the clean eating / Juice Plus phase.

We will offer you PLENTY of Smoothie ideas to try with Juice Plus during this phase, as well as more recipes & meal ideas for your evening meals.

Yes that’s right, SMOOTHIES rather than SHAKES.

The more variety you add – the better, hopefully without clogging up your blender!

Check out some of my personal creations below!!


vegan diet

Click Here for the benefits of Juice Plus Complete.

Click Here to Listen to Nutritionist Emma Buckley


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Why should you buy with us?


You will never be alone on this journey….even if it’s just our email service you want, you can still receive weekly updates / ideas for your new routine.

This is your chance to contact a member of our team 24 hours a day.

You won’t know all the answers just from our clean eating plan. Talking to your distributor on a weekly basis could be the difference between decent results & AMAZING results!

In addition – We also have a fantastic private Facebook group, where all our customers interact, share progress and motivate one another on a daily basis!

To be a part of our group you must order a Juice Plus product through this website and add myself personally – I will email you my FB URL upon purchase.

Customer Testimonials


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Important Information:


check mark green smallTo receive our teams support you MUST order through this distributor website.

check mark green smallYour orders are processed directly through the Juice Plus company, we do not hold stock – we cannot provide samples.

check mark green small   To Buy Juice Plus from us in the UK, visit our Buy Juice Plus page.


Buy from the UK


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To carry out our clean eating plan then decide if you would like to remain on Juice Plus, order a ‘one-off box.

To remain on Juice Plus as a compliment (alternative breakfast, meal on the go, afternoon snack or pre/post workout shake) order a normal box.

UK customers - 90 servings per delivery - this product will not last 4 months for our plan.



Buy from the US

(Prices / Servings will differ from UK) 

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Buy from Australia

*Prices/servings will differ from UK


Buy from Canada

*Prices/servings will differ from UK

Looking for Maximum Long Term Results?


For stronger results and all round improved health try adding Juice Plus Capsules or Juice Plus Chewables to your order.

The more nutrients your body receives on a daily basis the better your results will be!

Juice Plus Premium Capsules have been in production for over 20 years.

We always recommend the capsules during our plan but also beyond; no longer as an aid towards weight loss (as you will have your results) but more as health insurance for those cheat / non clean eating days…..


Juice Plus is also available in the following countries:


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland

Leave your NAME and LOCATION via the contact box at the bottom for your countries shop link.

All you need to do is show up, be consistent with your efforts and have big goals in mind….our nutrition and your body will take care of the rest!!

Healthy eating as it should be. Simple, affordable and enjoyable!

Good Luck!

Team Lancashire.

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